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CTR 707

Biox is our proprietary, low alkalinity stabilised Chlorine Dioxide precursor designed to provide a safe source of Chlorine Dioxide in compliance with EN12971.

Biox is reacted with dilute acid in our Alpha and Bravo WA dosing systems in order to produce Chlorine Dioxide easily and simply at the point of use.

The unique low alkalinity chemistry of Biox ensures that maximum conversion efficiency of Chlorine Dioxide is obtained without the use of concentrated acids.

【Product Feature】

l Biox will destroy the amoebae that are major carriers of Legionellae.

l Biox will suppress Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Cryptosporidium is lethal to Aids Affected Patients whose drinking water should be treated at all times.

l Biox will destroy the Sulphate Reducing Bacteria which rapidly populate untreated water systems and both the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria present in biofilms. Elimination of the bacteria will substantially reduce corrosion.

l Biox will remove the biofilm from heat exchange surfaces and consequently efficiency will be substantially improved. Biofilm will also be removed from pipes and nozzles improving circulation rates and reducing blockages. As scale interlocks with the biofilm the removal of the slime also assists in the removal of the scale.


【Composition】Chlorine Dioxide Precursor

【Package】1 boxs x 10 x 1L

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