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Bovine Brucella Ab ELISA Kit

Bovine Brucella Ab ELISA Kit

Code 2-2-02

CTR 410

Cat. NOEB4301PO

Bovine brucellosis is commonly caused by Brucella abortus and less frequently by B. melitensis, and rarely by B. suis. Humans may be infected by contact with animals or animal products contaminated with these bacteria. Serological tests include the Rose Bengal, ELISA, complement fixation test and tube agglutination test. Anigen B.brucella Ab ELISA Test Kit is a serology test that provides high sensitivity and specificity with bovine milk and serum samples

Product Features

l Diagnosis of bovine brucellosis in lab

l Screening for test and slaughter government policy

l Massive screening for bovine import & export market

l Fully meets the requirement of EU Council Directive and the OIE Manual Standardized by OIE standard sera (B.abortus 1119-3)

l No cross reaction with yersinia enterocolitica

l Specimen: plasma, serum, milk

l Reading time: 1 hour and 45 minutes


Packing480 Wells/Kit

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Bovine Brucella Ab ELISA Kit

Bovine Brucella Ab ELISA Kit