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Rapid IBV Ag Test Kit

Rapid IBV Ag Test Kit

Code 2-1-15

CTR 643

Cat. NORG1513DD

Infectious bronchitis (IB) is a worldwide distributed viral disease affecting all ages of chickens. The mortality rate is depending on the age and immune status of the birds when infected, and the presence of secondary invading organisms such as E. coli. It is highly contagious disease that can be transmitted through an entire flock within one or two days, through aerosol transmission (sneezing), contaminated organic material, drinking water and equipment. The target organs of the virus are trachea and kidney for the respiratory strain and nephrogenic strain respectively. It is financially important disease in poultry industry because affected layers have decreased egg production and poor egg quality.

Product Features

l Field monitoring of Infectious Bronchitis virus

l Tentative diagnosis for swift control in outbreak suspected situation

l Differential diagnosis of other avian major diseases


Packing1 Test x 10/kit

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Rapid IBV Ag Test Kit

Rapid IBV Ag Test Kit