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Rapid Bovi D-4 Ag Test Kit

Rapid Bovi D-4 Ag Test Kit

Code 2-1-05

CTR 587

Cat. NORG1301DD

Newborn calves are susceptible to neonatal calf diarrhea especially during their first 3~4 weeks of life. Bacteria, viruses and parasites, by attacking the lining of the calf`s intestine, give rise to diarrhea. It is one of the major financial damage factors in bovine farms, because once infected this decreases the absorption of essential nutrients from milk and leads to weight loss and dehydration. Generally, calf diarrhea is considered as an emergency situation that requires swift diagnosis

and rehydration. One of the key features of a rapid test kit is the "rapidity" of the test result, thus BoviD- 5 Ag is an ideal test in these situations.

Product Features

l For differential diagnosis of calf diarrhea

l Calf diarrhea etiologic agent monitoring in field

l For immediate treatment required cases


Packing1 Test x 10/kit

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Rapid Bovi D-4 Ag Test Kit

Rapid Bovi D-4 Ag Test Kit