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Code 1-3-01

CTR 813

Fofat: Rumen Protected Fat for Ruminants
It has become a common practice to feed fats to dairy cows to achieve higher milk yield. Increased milk yield can be achieved by high energy diets in dairy cows generated by feeding more fats.
Fofat is a rumen protected fat in granulated dry form. This product is originated from the physical fractionation of refined, bleached and deodorized palm oil. This product contains high amount of palmitic acid which is the key type of fatty acid that can bypass the rumen and turn into energy source for the animal.

【Product Feature】                                       

l Pure vegetable fat powder.

l Generates maximum rumen bypass.

l No interference to rumen microorganism function.

l Palatable and free flowing.

l High concentration of energy.

l Increase milk production.

l Improve pregnancy rate.

l Reduce incidence of ketosis and fatty liver.

l Reduce the impact of heat stress.

【Composition】Palm oil


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