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Code 1-1-04

CTR 672

DAACID is safe to use for human beings and animals. Daacid is non-corrosive and does not destroy proteins or vitamins. All ingredients are permitted in accordance with EU animal feed laws and regulations relating to animal feedstuffs.

Because of all the organic ingredients in Daacid, the product has no withdrawal time and leaves no residues: Daacid is fully biodegradable.

The usage of only organic acids guarantees that animals can not build up resistance against Daacid.

【Product Feature】

l It allows digestion to take place smoothly by quickly reducing the pH value in the stomach and intestines, as the buffer capacity of the feed is rapidly and effectively reduced. This leads to improved utilization of the feed and greater weight increase.

l High synergetic action and anti-bacterial effect owing to the large number of organic acids and their salts, which act much deeper in the digestive tract.

l Penetrates the cell walls of the bacteria and thus promotes a stable intestinal flora. This prevents the explosive growth of diet-related pathogenic germs such as E.-coli, Salmonella and Clostridium.

l It stimulates feed intake and will inhibit gram negative bacterial growth in the animals.


Sorbic acid、Acetic acid、
Formic acidLactic acid (foodgrade)  Ammonium formiate1.2-PropandiolCitric acidPolysorbate 80Propionic acidSiliciumdioxide (as a carrier)


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